To mark the market debut of the new XF Sportbrake, Jaguar created a unique concept, unveiled today. It is not a car as most of you would suspect. It is a high-speed boatthat showcases Jaguar DNA in an unexpected segment.
Jaguar Cars consulted with Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architecture, a yacht design specialist, and Seventy Seven Design, a bespoke design project management company, and managed to give life to a 6.1 meters fiberglass hull that was called Concept Speedboat.
The hull was finished on top with a natural teak decking. This is split by a carbon fibre fin, inspired by the iconic Jaguar D-Type. The front of the boat flows seamlessly into the screen and the red 2+1 cabin follows the sporting character of Jaguar cars. Jaguar Cars’ heritage is also subtly recognised with fuel filler caps inspired by the Series 1 XJ. 
Jaguar Director of Design, Ian Callum, described the boat as ”very powerful. It follows, in so many ways, the idea of a traditional speedboat but with the sleek and fast characteristics that you would expect from a Jaguar Car.”

Source: Jaguar