Hyundai has revealed a batch of official photos with the facelift
version 2013 Genesis Coupe accompanied by preliminary details regarding
the engines that are going to be fitted under its skin.
automaker’s first rear wheel drive sports coupe will be offered with a
sportier look, heavily influenced by the Veloster’s design, and with
improved driving dynamics. This new version was launched at the Korea
Speed Festival 2011 in Yeongam, Korea on Saturday, November 12 and with
this occasion the powertrain details were made public.
So the engine range for the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will include two choices : the Lambda 3.8 GDi and the Theta 2.0 TCI.
The Lambda 3.8 GDi V6 will deliver 350 PS and 40.8kg.m
(400 Nm) of torque (47 PS and 4.0kg.m more than the V6 found in the
outgoing generation), while the Theta 2.0 TCI, which now features a
larger radiator intercooler for its twin-scroll turbocharger, will
produce 65 PS and 8.0 kg.m more than before, meaning 275 PS and 38 kg.m
(372 Nm).       
These new engines will work in connection with an 8-speed
automatic transmission, designed to increase efficiency and maximize
performance, but a 6-speed manual will also be available.
"In order to raise the emotional quality"
the 3.8-litre GDi will also receive a sound generator, and Hyundai
hopes it will sell more than 4,000 exemplars of the 2013 Genesis Coupe
on the Korean market next year.

Source: Hyundai