The last economical year was the best one in the history of Porsche. The German car maker reported sales of 143.096 units, up by 22 percent than the previous year. The model with the highest growth was the new 911, with sales up 49% to 26.203 vehicles. 

But the Porsche 911 wasn’t the best-seller of the year, because the Cayenne SUV fulfilled his role. According to this report, Porsche sold 77.822 Cayennes last year, an increase of 30 percent, which means that the 2012 was the Cayenne’s best year ever.  

The second best-selling model was the Panamera, with 27.331 units, while the entry-level Boxster had sales of 10.126 units, a growth of 66 percent. The Porsche Caymann was sold in only 1.614 units, because the customers are waiting for its latest generation that will be unveiled this year.  

Source: Porsche