The British media is reporting that McLaren is hard at work,
developing the next generation 2012 McLaren F1 supercar.
The 2012
McLaren F1 is expected to be revolutionary and its appearance will be
just as striking as its performance, although it is to early to talk
about specific figures at this point. There are however details that say
the 2012 McLaren F1 will be mid-engined, with a carbon fiber body and
might also feature the centrally positioned driving seat as the original
As you can imagine development for the 2012 McLaren F1 is
also concentrated towards weight saving, plus new ideas that will help
lower emissions.
The 2012 McLaren F1 price is rumored to be
considerably higher than the 150,000 GBP mark, and both series and
limited edition series are expected.

Source: Autocar