In a recent interview, the Italian Firm’s boss Amedeo Felisa has pointed that the forthcoming 2012 Ferrari Enzo will be powered by a V8 engine or a twin turbocharged V6 with direct fuel injection.
Felisa said that a 6-cylinder engine is not part of their plans for the 2012 Ferrari Enzo as customers still prefer larger engines in their supercars.
Naturally the perception is that more cylinders means more power, so Ferrari’s way of working around that was developing the hybrid technology for their V8 and V10 engines.
Felisa also mentioned that as opposed to the company’s mass production vehicles, the 2012 Ferrari Enzo will make use of carbon fiber, as it is a car that is not intended for everyday use.
The argument behind that is that no automaker has a real understanding of long term reliability regarding carbon fiber yet.

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Source: Autocar