In depth details and photos with the 2011 Opel Corsa facelift have been released today by GM, with the to new small-car expected to go on sale on the European market in January.
The 2011 Opel Corsa achieves its fresh new look mainly through the redesigned front fascia which received a new lower grille that looks like a smiley face, revamped headlights, new fog lights surrounds and an extended range of colours for both the interior and exterior.
The 2011 Opel Corsa will also be available with 6 new alloy wheels designs, and apart from new Touch & Connect navigation system, the new model also gets an optimized ESP system and re-tuned dampening settings.
A new trim level called the Color Line Series has also been introduced, while the 95 HP 1.3 CDTI engine on the Cors EcoFLEX has been enhanced with the fuel saving Start/Stop technology which reduces consumption from 3.7-litres to 3.5-litres per 100 Km and also optimizes CO2 emissions from 98 to 94 grams per Km.
Full details regarding the 2011 Opel Corsa in the official release below. 
Opel press release :

  • Efficient: 70 kW/95 hp Corsa ecoFLEX with Start/Stop at 94 g/km CO2
  • Sporty Family Genes: New exterior puts Corsa in line with latest Opel models
  • Vibrant: Fashionable color and decor choices inside and out
  • Individual: Extended Color Line Series gives wider personalization choice

Rüsselsheim.  There’s always something happening in the Corsa:
Everything changed under its skin in 2010 – its chassis, its steering
system and engine line-up. As of January 2011, Opel’s successful small
car now gets a new wardrobe. A redesigned face lends it a sportier,
expressive look, making it firmly recognizable as a member of the latest
Opel design family.
A new Corsa ecoFLEX, 1.3 CDTI developing 70 kW/ 95 hp also enters the
range, with Start/Stop technology as standard. The three-door version
requires only 3.5 liters diesel per 100 km and so emits just 94 g/km CO2.
To stay connected with the world, a new multimedia infotainment
system with seven, 4×20 watt loudspeakers debuts in the Corsa. Called
“Touch & Connect,” this versatile system features a five-inch color
touch screen, full navigation coverage for 28 countries, Bluetooth, iPod
and USB connections. It is universally connectible, simple to use and
has every convenience for the 21st century built in, at a very
competitive price.
Inside and out, new, contemporary colors and decors are offered. In
addition to a modern charcoal hue, the interior can also be dressed with
more expressive Tabasco Orange or Steel Blue decors. The new exterior
color palette integrates a delicate off-white Guacamole, eye-catching
Grasshopper green and daring Henna. In addition, the successful Color
Line featuring special, sporty looking versions are enriched with a new
optional “Linea” pack, featuring two large stripes stretching across the
length of the body with matching colored 17-inch wheels and exterior
mirror caps.
A major player in the European market since 1982, the Corsa offers
one of the widest product ranges in the small car segment. It has many
features – like a heated steering wheel or FlexFix integrated bicycle
carrier – not offered by its peers.
The major technological changes made in early 2010 in the chassis and
powertrain also make it one of the most desirable small cars around:
Its share in the small segment this year has increased in many European
markets such as Italy, the UK, Spain and Germany. The small car is a
highly popular choice throughout Europe, accounting for some 27 percent
of all Opel/Vauxhall sales and placing itself among the leaders in its
segment. On average, more than 400,000 units were sold annually the last
three years.
New face gives the Corsa expressive, up-market tone
The Corsa’s latest facelift builds on the strong foundation of its
existing, successful design. It still retains its approachable, friendly
character, but now introduces a bold, dynamic face seen in Opel’s new
design language.
The sporty execution is achieved by re-proportioning the upper and
lower grilles. The lower grille has become wider and taller, thus
visually widening the car. In addition, closer examination reveals that a
high degree of attention has been paid to the grille mesh, which
replaces the current horizontal grille bars. The result is a car with a
more dynamic stance on the street. The proud Opel logo is integrated
into a newly designed larger and sculptured chromed bar, adding to the
expressive appearance of the front.
Chiseled Opel eagle eyes have been added to the new headlamps along
with the wing-shaped daylight signature lamp that made its debut in the
Insignia and is now featured in all new Opel products. The internals of
the lamp have also been refined to create a very jewel like execution
that enhances the sporty look. The new fog lamp units with integrated
chrome blade complete the more expressive presence of the Corsa’s new
face. The new look is further enhanced with six new alloy wheel designs
and a large, redesigned Opel Blitz on the tailgate.
Color Line Series allows drivers to find their own style
The Corsa family continues to develop its special, bold sporty
models, called the Color Line Series. The successful Color Edition with
its black painted roof and high gloss black 17-inch wheels, bright
exterior colors and lots of extras already accounts for about 20 percent
of all Corsa sales in Germany. As a result of the overwhelming
response, Opel is introducing the Color Edition across all of Europe.
A new “Linea” pack has been created to attract younger customers
looking to personalize their Corsa. It features two large white or black
stripes along the Corsa body. The color of its 17-inch wheels and side
mirror caps is coordinated with the stripes.
The 141 kW/192 hp OPC version continues to top the Corsa family and
was also redesigned to match the rest of the new Corsa line-up –
especially with new headlamps and a new grille.
The Corsa comes in two distinct body styles: the coupé-like
three-door and the family friendly five-door. It also continues to offer
one of the roomiest and most attractive interiors in its class.
Interior sports contemporary colors, sensuous textures and 21st century technology
All interior trim levels have been updated with new fabrics and/or
decors. In addition, they have new dashboard molding sporting textured
skin, expressive colors and great attention to detail and quality of
execution. In addition to the classical charcoal interior, the Enjoy
trim level adds a young fresh look with Steel Blue or is available in
Tabasco Orange, which comes with TopTec treatment that protects the
fabric. The lively, colored interiors are offset with contrasts in
material applications such as pearl white on the console. The colors and
instrument panel patterns created through a two-tone effect add harmony
to the overall appearance of the interior.
The Cosmo has a new grey high gloss center stack bezel with a
contrasting wing insert in the instrument panel, plus beautiful embossed
seat fabric to give it a very elegant and upscale feel. The new Touch
& Connect navigation system is easy and intuitive. Its five-inch
touch screen display features both 2-D and 3-D (bird view) maps and SD
navigation card. Another new feature is an option to choose the most
ecological route, helping to save fuel and the environment. Points of
interest can be downloaded by the user.
It also has an intelligent commuter function that uses TMC
information to propose alternative routes in case of traffic problems,
even when navigation is not active. This function is of special interest
to commuters who know their routes but want to be informed
automatically of traffic jams on their way.
Bluetooth connectivity allows for safe, hands-free telephoning – even
displaying address books on the screen – and is iPhone compatible. It
also allows audio streaming and displays music titles on screen. iPODs
have full control and browsing capability with no special cables needed.
USB sticks can also be used on the new system.
Saving money and the environment: Corsa 1.3 CDTI at 94 g/km
The line-up of the new Opel Corsa ranges from 65 hp to 192 hp. This
powertrain family has been revitalized in 2010 with many new engines
that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 13 percent while increasing engine power in most applications.
Starting now, eco-friendly Start/Stop technology becomes a standard
feature on the Corsa ecoFLEX powered by the 1.3 CDTI 70 kW/95 hp engine.
Thanks to this new feature, the fuel consumption in the combined cycle
is reduced from 3.7 to 3.5 liters/100 km and the emissions from 98 to
only 94 g/km CO2 on the three-door version. The five-door variant achieves 3.6 l/100 km and emits just 95 g/km CO2.
It’s mainly in the urban cycle that Start/Stop technology brings its
major benefits, with a fuel consumption of now 4.2 liter per 100
kilometers instead of 4.6 l/100 km previously.
Start/Stop’s principle is simple: An engine which is not running
cannot consume fuel. Instead of idling at a traffic light, the engine
stops when the driver engages the neutral gear and releases the clutch
pedal. When the traffic light turns green, drivers simply press the
clutch pedal to restart the engine, shift into first gear and take off.
By eliminating idling time, engines consume less fuel, emit less
greenhouse gases and, also, create less noise.
Importantly, climate comfort, steering and braking capabilities are
maintained to keep occupants safe and comfortable even while the engine
is temporarily off.
The 1.3 CDTI engine in the new Corsa ecoFLEX 70 kW/95 hp uses a
turbocharger with variable geometry and delivers up to a plentiful
190 Nm of torque between 1,750 and 3,250 rpm. A particulate filter is
standard. The 1.3 CDTI features closed loop combustion control; it is
rare that this sophisticated technology is used in such a small diesel
engine. The closed loop system uses pressure sensors in each glow plug
to continuously measure combustion quality inside the cylinder. The
engine management system then makes minute adjustments to optimize
performance and fuel consumption throughout the engine’s life cycle.
New look matches the rejuvenated power for added driving fun
The Corsa range was rejuvenated earlier this year to provide more
power, more driving fun and more comfort with less fuel consumption.
Opel engineers gave the Corsa a complete technical make-over,
introducing an enhanced powertrain line-up that reduced fuel consumption
by up to 13 percent while enhancing performance. Significant chassis
improvements aimed for greater ride comfort with no compromises on
agility, while new calibrations improved steering feel and response.
True to Opel’s philosophy, the Corsa also features innovative
technologies at an affordable price, including halogen Adaptive Forward
Lighting (AFL), a heated steering wheel, Hill Start Assist, a Panorama
sunroof or the integrated FlexFix bicycle carrier which is unique to
In addition to its athletic, dynamic styling and great driving fun,
the Corsa also offers customers top class quality. Germany’s DEKRA
Quality Report 2010 named the Corsa the overall winner, with the lowest
defect rate of all the vehicles tested. DEKRA (Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein) is a full-service provider for safe and efficient mobility and Europe’s leading technical expert organization.

Source: GM