The latest review video from FifthGear takes a look into the 2011 Mazda5, as Graham from the office wanted to see what this new seven seater model had to say when it comes to comfort and driveability in the MPV segment.
The 2011 Mazda5 review video involves the 2.0-litre Sport model which costs 21,000 GBP and comes with features like Start Stop technology, heated leather seats, cruise control and Bluetooth. In terms of interior roominess and luggage space the 2011 Mazda5 is quite close to the Ford S-MAX, plus the steering is quite sharp, which means it changes direction well.
Even though it is not as polished as the Ford S-Max, the 2011 Mazda5 offers better value for money, and as FifthGear points out, this could be all that matters for frugal moms and dads.
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2011 Mazda5 review video :

Source: FifthGear via YouTube