Pricing for the 2011 Honda Jazz range, including the Hybrid model has been announced, as the on sale date (1 February 2011) for the company’s revised model is approaching.
The non hybrid 2011 Honda Jazz will be available with same two engine choices as before, meaning a 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre i-VTEC engine, for which fuel consumption figures and CO2 emissions have been improved. The 1.4-litre manual version 2011 Honda Jazz return 52.4 mpg (combined) and has CO2 emissions of 126 grams per Km, while the 1.2-litre model returns an estimated 53.3 mpg with CO2 emissions of 123 g/Km.
As for the ultra-efficient 2011 Honda Jazz Hybrid, which uses the same electric
system as the Insight, consumption figures are 62.8 mpg (combined) and the CO2 output is 104 g/Km.
The 2011 Honda Jazz price starts at 11,295 GBP for the 1.2 S version and at 13,495 for the 1.4 ES.
The 2011 Honda Jazz Hybrid price starts at 15,995 GBP.
Honda press release :
Prices announced for new 2011 range – including Hybrid model

  • New, fresh face
  • CVT gearbox is back
  • Suspension improvements refine ride and improve handling
  • Addition of leather upholstery 
  • Improvement in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • Prices start from £11,295 OTR for the Jazz 1.2 S model
  • Prices for the Jazz Hybrid start from £15,995 OTR for the HE trim level

The popular Honda Jazz has been given a refresh, with a range of
enhancements to both looks and driving dynamics. The revised Jazz range,
which will include a hybrid model, goes on sale in the UK on 1 February
2011, with prices starting from £11,295 for the 1.2 S model and £15,995
for the Hybrid variant in HE trim.
The challenge for Honda’s engineers was to freshen and improve the car
without compromising on the characteristics that make the Jazz so
popular. But by enhancing the car’s strongest qualities, Honda has taken
the Jazz on to the next stage, producing a car with greater
flexibility, better looks, increased ride comfort and improved eco
While the revised car is just as cleverly packaged, fresh styling gives
the Jazz a new appearance. New front and rear bumpers are the main parts
to have influenced the look of the car. These have also been designed
to reduce drag as the airflow passes over the Jazz’s body and to avoid
turbulence when the airflow detaches from the rear. These styling
improvements aid aerodynamic efficiency on all Jazz models helping the
Cd figure to fall from 0.336 to 0.330.
Welcome back CVT
Constantly variable transmission, more commonly known as ‘CVT’, first
appeared in the previous Jazz range and due to overwhelming customer
demand Honda has brought it back along with a few clever improvements.
The CVT is an automatic transmission that keeps the engine in a rev
range where the car is most efficient. As well as ensuring the whole
power train of the Jazz is more efficient, it also offers the driver a
smooth and effortless journey.
The CVT transmission is a standard feature on the Hybrid while it is
available as an option on 1.4 litre petrol models, where, thanks to the
improvements, it now matches the economy and emissions of the outgoing
Jazz i-SHIFT, with a CO2 value starting at just 125g/km.
High specification and flexible cabin
Leather upholstery makes a very welcome appearance for the first time in
the Jazz range. Along with the addition of chrome rings defining the
air vents, instruments and climate controls across the dashboard, the
leather trim gives a whole new premium feeling to the interior of the
car and is an important option for customers downsizing from larger
vehicles from other sectors. Leather seats are standard on the Jazz
Hybrid in HX trim and available as a £1,250 option on the 1.4-litre
petrol EX model.
Another change across the range is a new darker dashboard material which
contrasts strongly with the orange and blue back lighting of the dials,
gauges and displays across the dashboard. The orange backlighting
colour is unique to the petrol powered variants, while the Hybrid
version uses the blue lighting to differentiate the model from the rest
of the range.  
The Magic Seats, famed for their flexibility and multiple seating and
cargo-carrying configurations – are now even better with the addition of
a reclining rear seat. The rear seats can now recline 73mms to increase
rear passenger comfort.
Engine range expands with the introduction of hybrid technology
The established 1.2-litre and best-selling 1.4-litre i-VTEC petrol
engines remain in the Jazz range and to compliment the launch of the
Hybrid variant, these two petrol engines have benefited from some small
reductions in CO2 values and improved fuel economy. The
1.4-litre manual variant with manual transmission has emissions starting
at 126 g/km down from 128 g/km and uses 51.4mpg on the combined cycle.
The fuel sipping 1.2 litre engine uses 53.3mpg and also drops two grams
of CO2 to 123g/km. 
The Jazz Hybrid is an ultra-efficient car with a combined fuel
consumption figure of 62.8 mpg – and with the same super-smooth electric
system as the Insight, even more fuel is saved around town. While a CO2 output of just 104g/km makes the Jazz Hybrid the lowest of any automatic car in the B-segment.
Improved ride comfort and handling
The suspension on the 2011 Jazz features revised settings to increase
ride comfort and improve handling. Already well respected for its
lightness and manoeuvrability around town, the Jazz benefits from
improvements to steering feel at higher speeds. Thanks to this
continuous improvement the revised model has a much firmer, positive
steering feel as speeds increase to inspire a confident driving
All Jazz models, including the Hybrid version, share new sleek,
projector style headlights adding to the sportier look. There are four
new colours available across the petrol range – Azure Blue, Polished
Metal, Urban Titanium and Ionized Bronze. The Hybrid version also
benefits from Azure Blue plus two new colours – a vibrant Lime Green
Metallic and Taffeta White. 

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Grade Price (OTR)
1.2 S £11,295
1.2 S A/C £11,995
1.4 ES £13,495
1.4 ES CVT £14,495
1.4 EX £14,995
1.4 EX CVT £15,995
Hybrid HE £15,995
Hybrid HS £16,495
Hybrid HX £17,995
Source: Honda