Ginetta is offering details regarding their GT Supercup program for 2011, in which they will field the dual-class G55 and G50 cars.
The 2011 Ginetta G55 is powered by a 3.7-litre engine from Ford, which produces 370 bhp and which is linked to a Hewland gearbox, plus the car also comes with a new cool air induction kit, better brakes, a new exhaust system and improved aerodynamics.
The 2011 Ginetta G55 price is 75,000 GBP and for those who want to upgrade their current G50 to a G55, the cost will be 25,000 GBP.
As for the 2011 Ginetta G50, power comes from another engine from Ford, this time with a capacity of 3.5-litres and rated at 300 bhp. The 2011 Ginetta G50 uses the same Hewland transmission and cool air induction kit as the G55.
Both the 2011 Ginetta G55 and G50 will be sponsored by Michelin and the new G55 will be unveiled on January 13 at the Autosport International in UK. 
Ginetta press release :
Dual-class G55 and G50 series set to create GT feeder championship
Ginetta today announces exciting new plans to shake up the BTCC-supporting series, previously known as the Michelin Ginetta G50 Cup – unveiling the new Michelin sponsored Ginetta GT Supercup in which both the G50 and its highly-anticipated sister car the G55 will be eligible to compete.
The radical move from Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson, is set to emulate the class structure in other worldwide GT championships such as the Le Mans Series, ALMS and British GT and competitors will benefit from having a separate points system and podiums.
The launch of the Ginetta G55, which Tomlinson first alluded to in October, will be made at Autosport International on January 13th where exhibition-goers will be able to see for the first time the new 370bhp machine. The car will also boast a 3.7 litre Ford engine, Hewland gearbox, cool air induction kit, up-rated front and rear brakes, new exhaust system and stunning new bodywork with improved aerodynamics. Retail price has been set at £75,000.
Teams running the current Ginetta G50, which has won multiple GT4 championships worldwide, will be able to upgrade their existing car to the new G55 for £25,000 or take advantage of a new part-exchange system. The 2011 G50 will run at 300bhp with a 3.5 litre Ford engine, Hewland gearbox and cool air induction kit.
Entry fees for the new 2011 Ginetta GT Supercup will be:
    * £9,750 + VAT for a G50
    * £11,750 + VAT for the G55
Ginetta Boss, Tomlinson said of the new changes commented: "The G50 has dominated GT4 since its launch 2 years ago and proved itself as a real stepping stone into the GT4 arena. By introducing the G55 into the new Ginetta GT Supercup, I want to broaden Ginetta’s offering to all drivers expanding our career ladder even further and highlight a real route into GT3 – whilst still providing an affordable way to enjoy top level racing."
Anyone wanting more information on how to enter the Ginetta GT Supercup should contact Stewart Linn on 0113 3854165 or Simon Finnis on 0113 3854148.

Source: Ginetta