The French automaker announced today that the Renault Megane Sport will be incorporated in the latest edition Need for Speed Shift. The popular racing game went on sale on September 17th and features a total of 70 cars witch are considered to be the most iconic models of the last 35 years.
The company says Renault And Electronic Arts worked together for almost a year developing the virtual Megane making it as realistic as possible with a lifelike feel.
First introduced in 1994, Need for Speed has been sold in more than 100 million copies through the years and the latest Shift edition is expected to offer unique gameplay features combined with the world’s most famous circuits.
Renault press release :
Following the successful incorporation of New Mégane Coupé in Need for Speed Undercover which was released last November, Renault and Electronic Arts have continued their association with the inclusion of New Mégane R.S. in Need for Speed Shift, the latest addition to the NFS series which went on sale on September 17.
Need for Speed’s development team were won over by the looks and performance credentials of New Mégane R.S., and have featured it in the game’s line-up of 70 cars which are considered to be the most legendary models of the past three-and-a-half decades. Renault’s experts and Electronic Arts developers worked hand-in-hand for almost a year to make New Mégane R.S.’s role in the game as lifelike as possible.
Need for Speed Shift delivers driving sensations on a par with those felt behind the wheel of the
cars themselves, and its unique gameplay features provide players with an unparalleled experience
as they embark on a world tour of the planet’s most legendary circuits.
Created 15 years ago, Need for Speed evolves from year to year, enabling players to enjoy the thrills of motor racing with increasing realism. More than 100 million copies of Need for Speed have been sold, making it the biggest motor racing video game franchise ever thanks to its combination of prestigious cars and incomparable technical qualities and graphics. The game is developed and published by Electronic Arts, the world’s leading video game publisher, whose products constantly seek to push out the envelope when it comes to innovation, player immersion and intensity.

Source: Renault