A rare 1967 Ferrari Thomassima II has been listed on eBay. If it happens to have 9 million USD this should be your next investment. The Ferrari Thomassima II si the creation of coachbuilder Tom Meade and only three cars have been made between 1992 and 1969. 

The first unit launched in 1962 was destroyed during the floods which have hit Florence in 1969. The second unit is made in 1967 and you can buy it on eBay while the third was produce in 1969 and you can admire it in Modena at the Ferrari museum. 

The 1967 Ferrari Thomassima II has the same V12 engine as the Ferrari 250 GTO and has a few design cues from the 330 P4 racecar. Getting back in the shape took about seven years and the actual owner of the car has told us that the mode was fully restored to original working condition, brand new paint, all original parts restored to period correct condition.

Source: WCF