This year, Seat factory from Martorell celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was 22 February 1993 when King Juan Carlos I cut the ribbon and gave green light for cars production in Martorell. 

But the Spaniards have new reasons to celebrate because the same factory located in Martorell (30 kilometers away from Barcelona) manufactured 10 million cars from 1993 to present days. 

The vehicle number 10 million, an Arona FR 1.5 TSI combining the colours Desired Red and Midnight Black, is on display this week in the Martorell factory as a part of the exhibition to commemorate the plant’s 25th anniversary.

“Since its inauguration in 1993, the heart of SEAT has been known for being at the forefront of innovation. Thanks to continuous investment in technology and a highly qualified workforce, the factory has improved the quality of products and processes year after year until becoming what it is today – the factory that makes the most cars in Spain and a benchmark of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation”, said Seat Vice-president for Production and Logistics Dr. Christian Vollmer.

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Today in Martorell 8.000 workers and 2.000 robots are deliverign 2.400 cars per day. Now, they are assembling the new Ibiza, the Leon, the Arona SUV and the Audi A1.