Guys from Car Magazine have put together a top 10 best car commercials ever. These video promos were aired in Great Britain back in the car advertising golden age era and they bring back some sort of nostalgic feeling together with the question : are today’s car ads better or worse ?
So the cars featured in the 10 best car commercials list includes the Volkswagen Golf, Citroen C4, Mercedes C Class, Ford Escort RS2000, Ford Puma, Honda Accord Tourer, MG Metro, Audi RS4 and the Hyundai Santa Fe.
Wach the 10 best car commercials videos after the jump . 

Volkswagen Golf  :

Citroen C4 :

Mercedes C Class :

Ford Puma:

Ford Escort RS2000 :

Honda Accord Tourer :

MG Metro :

Audi RS4 :

Hyundai Santa Fe :

MG Metro :

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