Car Show: 2013 Geneva International Motor Show

March 7, 2013 -
March 17, 2013
Palexpo Convention Center, Geneva, Switzerland

The 83rd edition of Geneva Motor Show opened its gates on March the 5th. The first day was dedicated exclusively for the press, so we had the chance to get a closer look on all the world premieres scheduled to be introduced during the Swiss motor show.

This year the motor show was a bit different from what we got used to in the past years, as the green vehicles didn’t enjoy so much popularity. This year we witnessed the unveiling of the most incredible supercars in the last decade.

The most popular stand was that of Ferrari where the public could see the supercar which will take further the heritage of the famous Enzo. The name was a surprise for all the present public. The Italians choose to call it LaFerrari, as it is the most powerful and fast Ferrari in the brand’s history.

In competition with Maranello’s supercar will be the eagerly anticipated McLaren P1, which took the center stage in Hall 1. The supercar has 916 horsepower ant steps on the famous McLaren F1 trails. It was showcased in yellow to get everyone’s attention.

As for Lamborghini who celebrates 50 years of existence in 2013 the Geneva Motor Show was a good opportunity to properly mark this moment. Their stand was dedicated to one special appearance, the Veneno supercar. It is the ultimate creation from Sant’Agata Bolognese and it comes with a huge price tag: 3.6 million euro. As the production will include only three units, the orders list will be very exclusive.

The list of Italian supercars was rounded by Pininfarina Sergio Concept, a tribute to the former CEO of the company, who died last year. Sergio Pininfarina overseen the company for the past 40 years.

The premium manufacturers based in Germany, tried to be as popular as they can. Audi took the chance to introduce its new performance cars and the RS badged range extensions, the new RS Q3, the RS Avant as well as the new S3 Sportback.

On the other side of the hall, there were Mercedes and BMW. BMW unveiled the new 3-Series GT, while Mercedes took the new CLA saloon and the A45 AMG out of its pockets.

The Japanese rival Lexus was proud to unveil the European version of the IS, the future rival of the current 3 Series. Next to Lexus, Toyota took all the attention with two concepts, the i-Road city car and the FT86 Open, the future convertible version of today’s GT86.

A big surprise for those who don’t have a good opinion on Chinese cars was the Qoros brand, who brought one production saloon and two concepts. Next to them were the Italian stands of Alfa Romeo and Maserati. The new 4C coupe enjoyed lot of attention, while the new generation Quattroporte took the center stage.