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Volvo S60 BTCS

The Volvo S60 BTCS was unveiled yesterday and the this racing version model will compete in the Belgian Touring Car Series starting from April 11.

The Volvo S60 BTCS has been developed by the company's Racing Team in compliance with the BTCS Silhouette S1 regulations and features a tubular chassis, the same kind of suspension both front and back and a standardised 3.5-litre V6 engine that packs 410 horsepower and 412 Nm of torque.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a 6-speed sequential gearbox while a set of high performance brakes with 6-piston callipers and 380 mm front/355 mm discs front and back offer the necessary stoppage force.

The Volvo S60 BTCS uses 18 inch wheels wrapped in Michelin tires 27/65/18 front and 30/65/18 rear.

Volvo press release :

Just weeks after the all-new VolvoS60 was introduced to the public, the latest Volvo model is also beingunveiled in a racing version. Volvo Cars Belgium will enter the new carin the 2010 season of the Belgian Touring Car Series. Volvo fans willnot need to wait long to see the latest model in action since thepremiere takes place on April 11.

"Weare very happy about this development," says Bart Crols, ManagingDirector at Volvo Cars Belgium. "The all-new Volvo S60 sports sedan isVolvo's most exciting driving experience so far and there is no betterway to show this than by bringing it to the race track. Volvo and theall-new S60 have a special place in the people's hearts here as severalVolvo models, including the new S60, are built in Belgium at theVolvoCars Ghent plant."

The new VolvoS60 race car has been developed in record time locally by Volvo'sBelgian S60 Racing Team. It has been developed in accordance with theBTCS Silhouette S1 regulations which put a major emphasis onstandardised features. All cars must use a tubular chassis, the sametype of front and rear suspension and aerodynamics. A uniform type ofengine specification is also available but manufacturers are allowed touse own engines.

The Volvo S60 Racing Team willalso operate the car at all BTCS races and the drivers are VincentRadermecker and Eric Van De Poele.

Its maiden track test will take place on April 1 (today) on the Belgian Zolder track.

"Ithas been a hectic period, but we have received great assistance fromVolvo Cars' Motorsport department" says Thomas Neri, Team Manager forthe Volvo S60 Racing Team. He continues: "Our main objective is to getup to speed and to compete well in the various heats. Next season wehope to put our own in-house developed engine in the car."

BTCS - low cost, high-performance racing

TheBTCS is an endurance racing championship with six competitions ontracks such as Spa-Francorchamps, Zolder and Dijon. Each race consistsof two 90-minute heats and there is also one 12-hour race in Spa. Theall-new Volvo S60 will face intense competition from the likes of BMW,Audi, Jaguar and VW. BTCS has grown rapidly in terms of both competingbrands and numbers thanks to its low-cost, high-performance combinationand, not least, the fact that the cars have considerable visual appeal.The race series is televised in several countries and is gaining inpopularity.

"We will support andfollow our development in this series very closely as several othernational championships are considering similar standardised regulationsin the future," says Derek Crabb, Motorsport Director at the Volvo CarCorporation. "This BTCS campaign will give us a good understanding ofwhat these types of regulations can mean for Volvo."

Technical Specification Volvo S60 BTCS

Regulation: BTCS Silhouette S1

Chassis: Tubular frame

Front Suspension: Independent with 3-way adjustable shock absorbers

Rear Suspension: Independent with 3-way onboard adjustable shock absorbers

Brakes: 6-piston callipers, 380 mm discs at the front and 6-piston callipers, 355 mm discs at the rear
Engine: Mid-mounted standardised 3500 cc V6
Engine Power Output: 410 hp with 412 Nm at 5500rpm
Gearbox: Six-speed sequential. Rear-wheel drive 
Wheels:  10" X 18" front and 12" X 18" rear  
Tyres: Michelin 27/65/18 front and Michelin 30/65/18 rear

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