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Vauxhall Meriva Price

The Vauxhall Meriva price was just announced, and ordering across dealerships in UK can start today.

The Vauxhall Meriva price for the 1.4 S model that packs 100 PS starts at 15,495 GBP and among standard features the new MPV includes CM player with MP3 capability, graphic information display, , heated exterior mirrors, electronic park brake, air conditioning, cruise control and more.

For the top of the line Vauxhall Meriva pricing will start at 21,255 GBP and the car will be fitted with a 1.7CDTi 16v engine that sends 100PSto the wheels via an automatic transmission.

More details along with the complete Vauxhall Meriva price list after the jump.

Vauxhall Meriva Price

Opel press release :

Luton/Geneva – Vauxhall’s new Meriva enters the UK marketwith aggressive pricing starting at just £15,495 OTR for the 100PS 1.4S model, making it a highly competitive proposition for buyers in thecompact MPV sector. Customers can order their cars from dealers today.

With a larger wheelbase offering added practicality for buyers –especially those with young children – the Meriva has shifted out ofthe small-MPV and into the five-seat compact-MPV class, where it’s setto raise the bar for innovation, thanks to standard features likeFlexDoors and FlexSpace.

And no matter what the model, the Meriva packs a long list ofgenerous equipment. A CD 400 CD player with MP3 format and aux-in/USB,graphic information display, heated door mirrors, electric windows andelectronic park brake means that no Meriva can be classed as‘poverty-spec’. But even in mid-range Exclusiv form, the Meriva getsair conditioning, cruise control, curtain airbags and the cleverFlexRail storage/convenience feature, at a starting price of £16,650for the 100PS 1.4-litre version.

But for the ultimate in MPV luxury, the SE model holds all thecards. Standard features like a fixed Panoramic full-glass roof withelectronic sunshade, dark tinted rear windows and front foldable traytables on front seat backs will leave families wanting for little,though with a starting price of £17,430, it still offers excellentvalue.

Entry price for diesel models is £16,875 for the S trim 1.3 CDTi75PS, and extend to £21,255 for the range-topping SE 1.7 CDTi 100PSautomatic. From launch, all 1.7 CDTi versions will come with automaticgearboxes, with a six-speed manual becoming available soon after.

A full price list is shown below.

New Meriva Pricing - Effective from 1 April 2010
TrimEngine TransmissionPrice (£)VAT (£)Total £OTR £
S1.4 16v 100PSManual12,472.342,182.6614,655.0015,495.00
S A/C1.4 16v 100PS a/cManual12,897.872,257.1315,155.0015,995.00
S1.4 16v 120PSManual13,085.112,289.8915,375.0016,215.00
S A/C1.4 16v 120PS a/cManual13,510.642,364.3615,875.0016,715.00
S1.3CDTi 75PSManual13,753.192,406.8116,160.0016,875.00
S A/C1.3CDTi 75PS a/cManual14,178.722,481.2816,660.0017,375.00
S1.7CDTi 16v 100PSAutomatic15,625.532,734.4718,360.0019,325.00
S A/C1.7CDTi 16v 100PSAutomatic16,051.062,808.9418,860.0019,825.00
Exclusiv1.4 16v 100PSManual13,455.322,354.6815,810.0016,650.00
Exclusiv1.4 16v 120PSManual14,063.832,461.1716,525.0017,365.00
Exclusiv1.4 16v 140PSManual14,697.872,572.1317,270.0018,140.00
Exclusiv1.3CDTi 75PSManual14,731.912,578.0917,310.0018,025.00
Exclusiv1.7CDTi 16v 100PSAutomatic16,604.262,905.7419,510.0020,475.00
SE1.4 16v 100PSManual14,119.152,470.8516,590.0017,430.00
SE1.4 16v 120PSManual14,727.662,577.3417,305.0018,145.00
SE1.4 16v 140PSManual15,361.702,688.3018,050.0018,920.00
SE1.7CDTi 16v 100PSAutomatic17,268.093,021.9120,290.0021,255.00



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