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  • Video: Land Rover Evoque promo

    Video: Land Rover Evoque promoAfter we've seen the official photo gallery being unveiled, it is now time for the first promo video with the Land Rover Evoque. Featuring a premium level of luxury and performance the Land Rover Evoque uses a 2.0 litre SI4 petrol unit (Ford Ecoboost engine) to develop ...

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  • Porsche 918 Spyder, 911 GT3 R Hybrid and Cayenne S Hybrid promoThis next promo video captures the essence of Porsche's hybrid technology as the German automaker explains the principles behind their latest creations : the Porsche 918 Spyder, the 911 GT3 R Hybrid and the Cayenne S Hybrid. What you might find interesting is the fact that ...

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  • Aprilia RSV4 promo video

    Aprilia RSV4 promo videoWe've seen a fair share of motorbike commercial clips lately involving various tricks, and this Aprilia RSV4 promo video is no different, except the Italian company is using the reverse psychology method on this one. They basically say the 2010 Aprilia RSV4 FACTORY is not ...

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  • Video: Opel Meriva 3D promo

    Video: Opel Meriva 3D promoYou'll need 3D glasses for this next promo video, as the German automaker decided to advertise their new generation Opel Meriva in 3D. In case you wonder whats up with the Opel Meriva 3D promo, apparently the spot will be airing in theaters around the globe before Toy Story ...

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  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage promo videoThe Aston Martin V12 Vantage price for US was announced last week, and now the first promo video that celebrates the coupe's launch in North America has also been released. The Aston Martin V12 Vantage promo video presents some of the car's key design features, like the ...

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  • 2010 Saab 9-5 promo video

    2010 Saab 9-5 promo videoSales for the 2010 Saab 9-5 have already started and the following footage is the first promo video for the company's new flagship model. The most powerful version 2010 Saab 9-5 comes fitted with a 2.8-litre V6 that packs 300 horses and 400 Nm while the base version has ...

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  • Kia Soul rapping hamsters promo

    Kia Soul rapping hamsters promoAnother Kia Soul promo video in which this time the automaker uses rapping hamsters to promote their new hatch. Besides being funny, these rapping hamsters put things into perspective as they compare the Kia Soul with bland looking 'toasters' probably hinting at the first ...

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  • Video: 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS promoTogether with today's official photos and details, the automaker from Stuttgart has also published the first 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS promo video. The 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS promo video revealed this extreme German sportscar having fun on the race track and the sensations ...

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  • 2011 Hyundai Avante promo videoThis is the first promo video for the 2011 Hyundai Avante, also known as the Elantra on the North American market. The 2011 Hyundai Avante will use a 1.6-litre Gamma engine with direct fuel injection which produces 140 PS and which will spin the front wheels via a six-speed ...

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  • Maserati GranCabrio promo video

    Maserati GranCabrio promo videoThe latest Maserati GranCabrio promo video has appeared online, presenting the topless Italian sportscar in the company of elegant women and in different environments, from receptions, to short trips or night outs with friends. The Maserati GranCabrio comes with the same ...

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  • 2011 Porsche Cayenne promo videoThis is the first 2011 Porsche Cayenne promo video used by German automaker when their new generation SUV was officially unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The Stuttgart based manufacturer has already mentioned that orders for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne are exceeding ...

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  • Honda CRZ Promo Video

    Honda CRZ Promo VideoThe Japanese car maker has released a new Honda CRZ promo video, underlining the characteristics of their first ever hybrid car fitted with a manual transmission. The Honda CRZ will be offered with two equipment levels, under the S and GT badges and among standard features ...

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  • Video: 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI sedanSubaru has published the first from video for the newest addition to the company's lineup - the Subaru Impreza WRX STI sedan. The 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI sedan was unveiled in NY last week and features a new chassis, high performance brakes, a stiffer suspension and ...

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  • Video: Dacia Duster Commercial

    Video: Dacia Duster CommercialThe videos below represent the first Dacia Duster commercial clips which promote Romania's first SUV on two of its main markets, France and Germany. The Dacia Duster commercial videos combine humor with the car's competitive pricing which also take a hint at much more expensive ...

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  • 2010 Lexus CT 200h promo video

    2010 Lexus CT 200h promo videoThis is the first 2010 Lexus CT 200h promo video that presents the company's first hatch which will enter the automotive scene and battle rivals like the BMW 1 Series or the Audi A3. Powering the 2010 Lexus CT 200h is a four-cyl. 1.8-litre VV-i engine and an electric motor ...

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Related Specs

  1. 2005 Opel Astra VXR

    Engine: ECOTEC Inline-4, Power: 170 kw / 237 bhp @ 5600 rpm, Torque: 320 nm / 236.0 ft lbs @ 2400 rpm
  2. 2001 Opel Astra X-Treme Concept

    Engine: 90 Degree V8, Power: 328.1 kw / 440.0 bhp @ 7350 rpm, Torque: 530 nm / 390.9 ft lbs @ 4800 rpm
  3. 1991 Opel Calibra Turbo

    Engine: 16-Valve DOHC Inline-4, Power: 152.1 kw / 204.0 bhp @ 5600 rpm, Torque: 280.0 nm / 206.5 ft lbs @ 2400 rpm
  4. 2003 Opel Insignia Concept

    Engine: Aluminum V8, Power: 256.5 kw / 344 bhpN/A
  5. 1993 Opel Omega EVO 500

    Engine: Inline-6, Power: 238.6 kw / 320.0 bhp, Torque: 280 nm / 206.5 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm

New Vehicles

Volkswagen Touareg drove 16.500 kilometers to its world debutVolkswagen Touareg drove 16.500 kilometers to its world debut
To mark its world debut in Beijing, during the motor show, Volkswagen Touareg decided to drive an impressive distance: from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Beijing ...

Concept Cars

Porsche 911 Speedster celebrates 70 years of PorschePorsche 911 Speedster celebrates 70 years of Porsche
In order to properly celebrate its 70th anniversary, Porsche unveiled one very spectacular concept. The 911 Speedster Concept is a drivable vision of ...

Custom Cars

Rolls Royce Wraith Luminary Collection announcedRolls Royce Wraith Luminary Collection announced
Rolls Royce is continuously improving its client experience with special editions for the current range of cars. Same happened with the current Wraith ...

Future Cars

Hyundai teases its future hydrogen-powered SUVHyundai teases its future hydrogen-powered SUV
Even if many manufacturers are considering fuel-cell alternatives not a viabile solution to combustion engines, Hyundai wants to believe that it already ...

Market News

McLaren celebrates 15.000 units producedMcLaren celebrates 15.000 units produced
The dream of building a really fast car started with the McLaren F1, but then it faded away. Seven years ago, the light was on and McLaren was decided ...


Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo - first teaser pictureAudi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo - first teaser picture
Audi has published a first teaser picture with the upcoming Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo. The virtual car will be showcased on April 9th and it will ...

Various News

Ford Mustang is world's best selling sports car in 2017Ford Mustang is world's best selling sports car in 2017
This is for the third time in a row when Ford Mustang was named world's best selling sports car. Global Ford Mustang registrations in 2017 totalled 125,809 ...


Volkswagen ID R Pikes Peak - officially unveiledVolkswagen ID R Pikes Peak - officially unveiled
Volkswagen has officially unveiled the new Volkswagen ID R Pikes Peak Concept. The car is set to compete in the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb event which ...


These are the first four episodes of the Audi Q8 Unleashed campaign - the SUV will be unveiled on June 5These are the first four episodes of the Audi Q8 Unleashed campaign - the SUV will be unveiled on June 5
Audi has prepared a special marketing campaign to promote the upcoming Audi Q8. Named Q8 Unleashed, the experience is a mini-series with five episodes. ...