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Fiat at 2010 Paris Motor Show

Fiat has announced their vehicle lineup and powertrain technologies that are awaiting to be showcased at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. 

Besides the special edition 500 Thousandth , Blackjack and 500 by Diesel, the Italian automaker says their stand will highlight the new 900 cc twin-cylinder TwinAir engine that produces 85 HP which features Start Stop technology and will be used on four versions Fiat 500.

Other new products presented in Paris will be the Panda LPG equipped witha 69 HP 1.2 dual fuel (petrol and LPG) engine, the 90HP version Fiat Doblo Emotion 1.6 which is Euro 5 compliant thanks to its Dualogic gearbox and Start Stop features plus the 2011 Fiat Qubo (the car on show will be a 95 HP Trekking 1.3 MultiJet II with Start Stop).

The Fiat Punto EVO will also be brought to Paris, and the version on display will be equipped with an 85 HP1.3 MultiJet II in ECO configuration with Start Stop as standard has CO2 emissions of 95 g/km.

Lastly visitors will also get the chance to see the Fiat Bravo, and the version at the show will have a 140 HP 1.4 MultiAir engine under its bonnet.

Fiat press release :

Fiat returns to the Paris International Motor Show with a stunning stand where major world débuts mingle with tried and tested models to underscore the brand's unique position on the international motoring stage.

Theexhibition area develops the theme of "the world I would like" seen through the eyes of children. Because a brand with its sights set on thefuture must listen to a younger generation who will be making the worldbig one day. They shaped this stand themselves by giving free rein to their imaginations and desire for a more eco-friendly future. The resultis a light-hearted, cheerful place, where houses stand on clouds and a rainbow welcomes visitors, guiding them into the world of Fiat. Thehouses and clouds of a city dreamed up by children showcase our latest motoring products, cars that represent another step towards sustainable mobility.

Prideof place on the stand goes to a gem of engineering developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies: the 85 HP (900 cc) twin cylinder TwinAir enginethat visitors can admire on coloured windmills - to emphasise the exhilarating lightness of this compact, hi-tech, high-performing engine -and also installed in 4 versions of the Fiat 500 on show in Paris, all equipped with the Start&Stop system as standard.

Thecars parading along the French catwalk include one clad in the new Azzurro Volare shade, and a 500 by Diesel, the result of a joint ventureby the Fiat creative team and the world-renowned Italian label that is exhibited with bodywork in Midnight Indigo Blue (a shade reminiscent of denim) combined with an ivory hood.

Thearea also features the original “500 Thousandth”, a show car developed to celebrate the 500,000 units produced in just 31 months and the new Blackjack special series, a Limited Edition distinguished by an exclusive black body shade with opaque treatment.

Thestand also features a 500 configurator, like some sort of high-tech toy, where visitors can customise their own car with buckets of paint and needle and thread.

The forerunner of a new family of two-cylinder engines by FPT - Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the twincylinder TwinAir power unit deploys the revolutionary MultiAir system combined with specific fluid dynamics optimised for maximum combustion efficiency. By taking the concept of downsizing to the extreme and masterfully tuning the basic mechanical, the new family – delivering from 65 to 105 HP – also emits 30% less CO2 than an engine ofequal performance. This is a brand-new concept on the worldwide motoring scene and confirms the leadership of the Fiat Group in this field.

Stillwith a view to technological innovation at the service of eco-friendliness, other major new products are exhibited at the Paris Show, beginning with a Panda LPG equipped witha 69 HP 1.2 dual fuel (petrol and LPG) engine, representing the evergreen Fiat vehicle that turned 30 years of age last March and has sofar sold more than 6 million units throughout the world. From the end of the year, an LPG range with no fewer than 6 models will also go on sale throughout France and Europe, to confirm the Fiat brand's constant focus on environmental topics by researching and developing specific solutions that are available today (LPG is a clean and economical fuel and also a widely available energy source).

Visitorscan also take a virtual video tour to appreciate the potential and advantages of Fiat eco-technologies such as the Start&Stop system and eco:Drive software. The former device temporarily turns off the engine and restarts it to ensure reduced fuel consumption and noise in the passenger compartment when the Start&Stop is in operation. eco:Drive is an innovative software package developed by Fiat that collects trip data through the car's Blue&Me™ interface and analysesthem to provide the user with practical personalised tips for reducing travelling costs and personal environmental impact. Based as it is on a simple, efficient and accessible idea (the software is free of charge), eco:Drive has been an immediate hit, as borne out by the 100,000 copies of the system which have been downloaded to date since its launch (ParisMotor Show 2008). Every day, more than 42,000 drivers use it and at least 9 million journeys have been logged and analysed on the Fiat database. Taking into account the contribution of all the drivers who have joined eco:Ville, the online community of all Fiat eco-drivers, it is possible to calculate an overall saving of approximately 3000 tonnes of CO2.

The Fiat stand at the Paris show underscoresFiat's commitment in the field of environmental protection and its rolein making users aware that they should use their cars in a more responsible, eco-friendly manner. It is no coincidence that, for the third year in a row, Fiat is the most eco-friendly of the 10 top-sellingcar brands in Europe, with an average CO2 emission level of 127.8 g/km, compared to the market average of 145.8 g/km (analyses carried out by the independent institution Jato Dynamics). A fundamentalboost to obtaining this record has come from the extraordinary growth of methane, the most eco-friendly and cost-effective fuel available on the market today. A forward-thinking choice, made over ten years ago, has made Fiat undisputed European leader in factory-fitted methane systems (OEM), as demonstrated by the nearly 400,000 units sold to date in the Natural Power range, a comprehensive range of dual fuel (methane/petrol) cars and commercial vehicles able to meet any mobility need.

The Motor Show also offers an ideal opportunity to take a close look at a 90HP Doblò Emotion 1.6 (Euro 5) with Dualogic gearbox and Start&Stop as standard. This represents the latest addition to a model that last July achieved a target of one million units produced, including both thecommercial vehicle versions and the multi-space car. At the Paris show,Fiat will also be presenting the most recent results of its ongoing commitment to keeping up with motorists’ needs. This commitment is exhibited in the multi-faceted nature of the product range, in new models and also in updates to the existing range. All this vitality is evident in the current production cars present on the stand: including the new Qubo MY 2011 – the car on show is a 95 HP Trekking 1.3 MultiJet II (Start&Stop as standard) – and a Punto EVO equipped with an 85 HP1.3 MultiJet II in ECO configuration with Start&Stop as standard that produces just 95 g/km of CO2.

Thespotlights will also be on the Bravo: the version at the show is fittedwith a 140 HP 1.4 MultiAir and Start&Stop system as standard. This is one of the best petrol engines in the world as far as its emission/power ratio is concerned (just 132 g/km) and is also top of itsclass in terms of fuel consumption and torque availability within its power band: 5.7 l/100 km over a combined cycle and a maximum torque of 230 Nm at 1750 rpm. The new power unit therefore guarantees maximum respect for the environment (it is type-approved to Euro5 standards) without detracting from performance and driving satisfaction. That's notall. For an even more dynamic driving experience, the Sport function can be selected by pressing a button, which changes throttle response and steering settings.

Lastbut not least, brochures and customised totems at the stand will introduce visitors to the products of FGA Capital,a joint venture set upbetween Fiat Group Automobiles and Crédit Agricole that specialises in the automotive sector. The finance company operates within Italy and across Europe with a single mission:supporting the sales of all Fiat Group Automobiles and Chrysler brand vehicles by offering innovative financial products with high added value services dedicated to the dealership network, private customers and companies.

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1 Comment on Fiat at 2010 Paris Motor Show

  1. Ana :
    I would love to go to this show in Paris. Fiat is producing really nice new carslike the new fiat 500 blackjack, the paint finish is the most striking feature of this new limited edition.

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