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It's great to be able to afford to update your car every two years. However, the high cost of living including spiralling petrol prices means that many households are focusing on getting by rather than worrying about new models. Payment methods for cars can also pile on the pressure and make people think twice about updating their vehicle.

Most people know you can buy outright or choose loan or hire purchase options with the dealer but for many car leasing isn't the first thought. It makes sense for both businesses and individuals, and choosing from the wide range of vehicles from Frontier Car Leasing can help ease the financial burden in these tough financial times where people are spending more on petrol than fresh fruit!

Car Leasing - A Great Way to Drive the Best Cars

Car Buying Slump

According to a recent report by the AA, fewer people than ever are choosing to buy cars, with a sharp drop expected this year. Yet borrowing rates and finance deals are, ironically, at their lowest levels for some time.

Buying outright or signing a long-standing hire purchase agreement are not the only options, though and car leasing is becoming an increasingly popular consideration.

How Does it Work?

Leasing a car is pretty much like hiring it, only for a longer period. You pay the lease for a set period of time, two years for example, and at the end of that period you can trade it in.

You will usually sign up to a mileage limit and there’s a surcharge if you go over. Contract hire is available for businesses to buy a fleet of cars or vans without massive initial outlay.

Can You Lease All Sorts of Cars?

There is a huge range on offer. For example, by clicking on Frontier, you can browse Audi lease car deals and find a wide range of models, including hatchbacks, cabriolets and coupes; there really is something for everyone.

What are the Benefits?

You can always ensure you are driving the most attractive up to date model, making sure you create a good impression of your business. Also, you can ensure you have all the mod cons which long-term HP contracts may miss out on. Monthly payments should be lower which a major bonus is, of course, and another benefit is that repair bills tend to be lower if you are leasing newer cars in the short-term.

Car leasing really is an option to consider carefully. You can simply hand the car back at the end of two years and update and improve what you’re driving AND save money at the same time. Perfect.

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