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The Blue Oval has just revealed the next generation 2012 Ford Focus Wagon, one day before the car's official debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

The 2012 Ford Focus Wagon will be initially launched on the European market where the manufacturer says one third of their customers will choose this bodystyle. This percentage will grow to more than 50 % in markets like Italy or Germany where customers will be interested in the extra space that the 2012 Ford Focus Wagon will provide. 

The 2012 Ford Focus Wagon features a Candy Red body colour and at this point technical specifications are not public.

The 2012 Ford Focus Wagon price was also not announced yet.

Ford press release :

The stylish next-generation Ford Focus wagon makes its global debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show alongside the sporty Focus 5-door, appearing for the first time in Europe.

The next-generation 2012 Ford Focus Wagon is the fifth vehicle to be revealed from Ford Motor Company's new global C-segment platform that will underpin at least ten vehicles around the world and account for two million units of annual production by 2012.

Revealed so far are the new Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX models at Frankfurt 2009, the next-generation Focus 4-door and 5-door cars at the 2010 North American International Auto Show, and now the wagon at Geneva.

"Our next generation of C-cars shows how Ford is using its global resources to develop at least ten new models or derivatives from the same platform globally," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford's group vice president of Product development.

"The 2012 Ford Focus Wagon is the next model to be revealed, and is particularly significant for the European market as more than a third of our C-car customers here prefer a wagon bodystyle."

At Geneva, Ford is also confirming that a global performance vehicle will be developed as part of the next-generation Focus range, and that it will be powered by a version of the 4-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine family.
    "We want to reassure enthusiasts of Focus performance models that we have a plan for them as well," Kuzak added. "Our commitment is to deliver an exciting performance model of the new Focus on a global basis and using a version of our advanced new Ford EcoBoost petrol direct-injection turbo engine. We're not ready to reveal more details yet, but we recognise how important this model will be in the Focus line-up, particularly for customers in Europe."

Further details of the entire portfolio of new models based on Ford's global C-car platform will be revealed soon, with all of them coming into the company's line-up around the world by the end of 2012. 

2012 Ford Focus Wagon Targets Major Customer Base

The attractive next-generation Ford 2012 Ford Focus Wagon is a crucial model for the European market in particular, as around one third of all Focus customers choose this bodystyle. In some markets, such as Italy and Germany, the wagon derivative represents more than half of all Ford Focus cars sold.

"A key strength of the Ford Focus range in Europe has always been its wagon, and its popularity is second only to the five-door," said John Fleming, Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO. "These customers want the extra space and flexibility a traditional wagon provides, yet they still expect all of the technology, great driving dynamics, and superb styling. We believe the new 2012 Ford Focus Wagon will more than satisfy their requirements in every way."

With its rakish appearance, the new 2012 Ford Focus Wagon also makes a design statement and provides the ideal balance of dynamic looks and functional practicality. Full-length integrated roof rails enhance the wagon's attractive kinetic design, while the tailgate has a self-closing function and neatly incorporates a compact roof spoiler.

Overall, the C-car segment in Europe remains relatively stable and accounts for around a third of total car sales with roughly five million C-cars sold annually. Although many premium manufacturers have also moved into the segment in recent years, it is among the volume makers that the competition is most fierce.

The market has seen significant fragmentation in the last decade thanks to the development of new bodystyle derivatives beyond the traditional four-door sedan, five-door hatchback and wagon models.

By 2012, six bodystyles will cover 85 per cent of customer requirements in the segment in Europe - the four-door sedan, the five-door hatch, the wagon, the five-passenger MAV, seven-passenger MAV and the small SUV.

"As the segment develops around the world, we see clear preferences among customers for the six main bodystyles, with variations by region and even within a region," Kuzak said. "For example, the preferred bodystyle in China and Russia is the four-door sedan, while in Britain and Spain the five-door is most popular and we believe there is also a customer trend towards five-door small cars in North America.

"This is driving our global C-segment strategy and we are concentrating our efforts around the world on meeting the expectations of buyers for these six key bodystyles," Kuzak noted.

While the 2012 Ford Focus Wagon will initially launch only in Europe, it has been designed to share the wide range of technologies, fuel efficient powertrains, great driving quality and high levels of craftsmanship that all of Ford's new global C-cars will deliver.

The 2012 Ford Focus Wagon debuts in the same vibrant Candy Red body colour which was first shown to great acclaim on the new Focus five-door model unveiled at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit in January.

The five-door Focus model for Geneva is finished in a warm and modern Hot Mustard – a contemporary, dark metallic yellow colour.

"As with all of the models in our new global C-platform portfolio, there is scope to offer this dynamic wagon additionally in other markets around the world, provided the business case and customer demand exist," said John Fleming. "We see this as an integral part of our global next-generation Focus line-up, and we're eager to hear the reaction to what we believe is a very stylish and distinctive car."

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44 Commments on 2012 Ford Focus Wagon Revealed

  1. Wesley R. :
    Congrats FORD. Capitalism is alive and well. Gm and Chrysler can't say that. FORD you have really come out with some outstanding product in the year or so. Please bring the 2012 Focus wagon to USA. There are many people who like wagons, me included. Make it permanent AWD with at least 250hp to compete with Subaru. My wife want a small powerful awd wagon for our next car. Subaru outback is ugly but they have a very good awd package. The 2012 Focus looks very cool and I would buy one if it had awd and at least 250hp. Please bring the FOCUS WAGON TO THE USA WESLEY
  1. John McCarthy :
    You can deliver the candy red Focus wagon tomorrow and I will gladly give up my 2007 silver Honda Civic four door that I love. Now that should tell you something about the need to bring this wagon State side. I am ready NOW! Lets get that wagon here by May 15, 2010.
  1. John McCarthy :
    Here is your moderation. I have owned Ford products before and Ford seems to have a winner in this wagon. For too long Europe got the good car and the U.S. got the junk. The sooner Ford brings these products to the U.S. the better. Alas I will buy a new car by May 15, 2010 and Ford will lose another sale because they are too slow with the goods.
  1. Steve Thompson :
    PLEASE bring this to the USA sooner than 2013 plus....PLEASE. I would buy on right now!!!
  1. Joe :
    Please offer the wagon, with a manual transmission, in the US. I would rather have this than a VW Sportswagen, but right now they are the best choice in the limited small wagon market.
  1. John :
    Congrats Ford, you've done it again, first with the Fusion, then the Taurus, and now this!!! Keep up the great work, the U.S. and Ford will be back to the #1 position in auto's.
  1. Dorothy P :
    I am excited to see an Focus wagon again. I had a 2000 Focus wagon and love that car. Need to change vehicle, it needed to be higher from ground,the Edge I like the looks but not the price and need a wagon type vehicle. I am very unhappy with the Honda I ended up with will be glad to be back into a Ford vehicle. Please Ford keep a small/medium wagon in your fleet all the time. Thanks Dorothy
  1. Leonardo C. :
    Those LUCKY europeans!!! I mean, they not only get a huge variety of small wagons to choose from, but they've also enjoyed the BEST of Ford Focus since 2005...FORD OF AMERICA, if you're reading this, THERE IS a HUGE demand for small, fun to drive, PRACTICAL, good looking wagons in the US market. MAKE IT SO !!!!Thank you.
  1. Leonardo C. :
    AGREE 100% with John McCarthy's comment above. I also own a 2007 Honda Civic, and would GLADLY trade it in for the European Focus Wagon OR this one were it to be available.
  1. Kathy B :
    I have owned 2 Focus Wagons and I love them. I am keeping my 2007 Until I can get a 2012 Wagon. I was so sad when you stopped making wagons. Please bring them to America soon.....
  1. Kathy B :
    I have owned a 2004 Focus Wagon and I traded it for a 2007 Focus Wagon. I will be keeping this one until I can get the 2012 Focus Wagon. We have owned only Fords for the last 40 Years.
  1. Joe M. :
    I love my 2010 Fusion because I got a manual trans, nice looks, quiet ride, good size trunk. But I do need more cargo room. When can I pick up my manual trans Focus 5-door or wagon, preferably with an Ecoboost engine?
  1. Tommy B :
    The 2012 Focus is H O T. Finally a BEAUTIFUL & quality compact car from a USA company. The new Focus Sedan & Hatch are both great, but SUV owners moving-up to a more eco-friendly vehicle would certainly appreciate the Touring (Sports Wagon). We want to trade our mid-size import SUV for a much more efficient USA made car. A Fusion Touring (Sport Wagon) would be nearly ideal (RWD would make it perfect), but the 2012 Focus is beautiful & just might work. Thanks FORD for the great cars & USA jobs - for our economy, our families, & our country. btw - our "other" car is a 2008 Mustang - our 4th Mustang & by far the best one ever - thanks! ps. Love the crazy Mustang & Fiesta colors, keep them coming!
  1. N Kinney :
    My Fusion lease is up June, 2011 and I would very much like the Focus Wagon as an option in America by then. It's not difficult to anticipate large increases in gas cost especially with new taxes that could be imposed. Ford....please bring the Focus Wagon to America VERY SOON! We need options for better gas mileage than foreign competitors!!
  1. D. Kane :
    I have owned Fords since 1988. My last 2 were a Tracer Wagon and I currently own a Focus Wagon. I was upset when Ford chose not to sell the Focus Wagon in the USA in the past few years. If the new Focus Wagon is not sold in this country I will get my next car from a different car company and will spend my money on service with that company. Ford then becomes a three time looser - A lost customer, service with another company, and loyality to a nother company.
  1. Shaun. Alderman :
    DEAR FORD, l currently own a 06 focus wagon. l love it! please consider bringing the new focus to the us A.S.A.P. Thx
  1. Bob :
    I see the 2012 wagon but isnt there a coup, or sport modle to
  1. Tom H :
    No wagon? No diesel? Too bad Ford, my Saturn wagon will have to be replaced by a VW. Looks great otherwise.
  1. Dave :
    There really IS a market in America - commercial and consumer - for a reasonably sized station wagon product! This market has been abandoned by every American manufacturer (the pitiful Chevy HHS notwithstanding) and the major Japanese manufacturers. PLEASE sell this car in the US!!!
  1. michael w. :
    There is no US station wagon currently being sold. None! I would buy the focus wagon today. Am in the market for small suv or wagon. Don't wait for 2012.
  1. Carol :
    I proudly own a 2002 and a 2007 Focus Wagon. I'm quickly wearing them out and getting worried about what I can replace them with. NOTHING stateside compares to these cars. Ford, please come back to your senses and bring us back our wagons! You foolishly discontinued them in the States, just as the population was finally waking up to environmental concerns. You have no idea how many people have asked me where they can find one of these environmentally conscionable wagons!
  1. Larry :
    The wagon looks great. It definitely needs to come to the USA!!! Make sure the dealers order some for stock so customers don't have to wait till it arrives 8-12 weeks after they have to order them.
  1. Mark james :
    The wagon looks awful this is a truly ugly car, repairbooks.co.uk/aprilialeonardo
  1. Jonathan Ross :
    I would LOVE to replace my 2001 Focus WAGON with this car. Why not sell wagons in Canada/USA - VW, Mercedes, BMW are all good companies for Ford to compete with.
    I am shopping now for a Focus ZX5 or ZXW, last available in 2007 to replace a non Ford. I am happy that the wagon and hatchback will re-emerge in 2012. How about the Eurocar's diesel that gets 61 mpg urban and 88 mpg highway?
  1. Patrick Benintend :
    I had a tracer wagon it was a fantastic car but it was too small. Please be sure that a 6'0 tall person can ride comfortably for long trips and don't skimp on the cargo room. Why stop here, how about a fusion and taurus wagon? I'm glad to see Ford is comming back with a wagon.
  1. mark postel :
    I am currently in a 2010 mazda3 sedan and very much would prefer a small wagon- the mazda hatchbacks are not roomier than the sedans. the focus wagon would be Ideal and I would trade in asap, for a manual if possible. The sportwagen from VW looks great But-the repair costs at a VW shop are shockingly high. Mark
  1. Brandy :
    It looks like a great car.
  1. Roy Fields :
    I currently have a 2002 Focus SE Wagon with 235,000 miles that still runs good. Hey Ford, please bring the new Focus wagon to the US. Make mine blue with a 5 speed manual and cruise control. I have always liked Ford wagons. In the past, the ones I've owned were a 63 Fairlane Ranch Wagon, a 68 Fairlane wagon, a 77 Pinto wagon, a 81 Fairmont Futura wagon and a 95 Escort LX wagon. As a loyal Ford fan, I would be happy to see the new Focus wagon in our country. It would be practical and fun to drive at the same time.
  1. Jack F Kitchin :
    PLEASE!!!! BRING THIS GREAT SELLING wagon to us in the USA. My 2006 Focus Wagon is still a great car, but its time to replace it with a new 2012 model. Okay to have leather, eco boost or diesel and sound deadening package.
  1. dennis kowalski :
    I will hang on to my 2004 ZTW until the new wagon comes to these shores. If it doesn't, I'll have to unfortunately, consider something else. I love my Focus.
  1. Mike Z :
    Please bring the Focus WAGON with 6-speed manual tranny and EcoBoost to the US. I will gladly trade my Subaru for this one! Even at MSRP ;)
  1. don c. :
    want to buy 2012 wagon with dual cluth 6 speed auto tranny. ilike my toyota matrix, but i want to buy american.
  1. Steven ORourke :
    After a 5 year absence it is about time.I have been a Focus wagon fan since the beginning in 2000. Definite no brainer.
  1. Lowell Larry :
    I want one now!!Why the wait Ford? There are a lot of folks like me who want one. My 2001 Focus is getting old, but runs good so far. But when my car starts having problems, I will be trading it in, and if the wagon ready I will buy it. If the wagon is not ready, I might buy a Toyota Matrix. Pleas Ford I want to buy American. I want to buy Ford...
  1. marianne :
    PLEASE bring the wagon to Canada! I LOVE my 2001 Ford Focus and would buy another wagon in a heart beat. It took me 3 cars, to finally find the perfect car for me.
  1. marianne :
    forgot to add: 2 friends and one family members also have a Ford Focus wagon, after seeing mine and hearing all about how much I love my car. I'm sure there'd be more if the car was still available!
  1. Bob :
    I currently own/drive a 2007 Focus wagon. I love my little wagon.....35 mpg on a trip! What's not to love??I'll probably be looking to replace it in 2012/2013. I'd love to buy another Focus wagon!! Please bring these to the States!!! I don't want to have to buy a Jetta wagon......I was very disappointed to see the wagon disappear from the 2008 lineup!!
  1. kevin :
    my '03 wagn w/stand transm is a JOY -fitting my needs PERFECTLY! this JOY apparently felt by others, as i got "the wave" from another driver of same, the other day!!!to whomever is listening: do the right thing, & BRING IT BACK!!!!!
  1. Jean-Yves :
    I honestly thought Ford would bring the wagon without any hesitation. Where I live there are more Focus wagons than Focus hatches and sedans combined. Ford really made a stupid decision with this one. I was actually going to buy this. I owned a '04 ZTW wagon. Loved it. And now this. Well, whatever Ford. Have it your way. Nice knowing you, but I'm off to Subaru now. Oh and by the way. Is it too much to ask to bring the Mondeo over?
  1. Cindy :
    We need this wagon in USA!no one else has a small wagon with good gas mileage.
  1. DerNHBayer :
    Ford, Give us back our Focus Wagon!Wrong move was made to drop Focus models down to 2, dropping the Wagon in 2007.Europeans must be doing something right, especially Germany, 50% wagons. There is NO small compact wagon on the market. FORD, THIS IS YOUR #1 chance - Give us the 2012 Ford Focus WAGON, you'll make a KILLING! Give us a great car for $17-18k, you'll have the market!! And, keep the European model updates coming, don't go back to the 2001-2007 debacle of NOT updating.
  1. Jan Crenshaw :
    Dear Ford, I'm a 69 year old who'1st car was a '53 ford. I'm rebuilding a '53 now. I've had many fords and my favorites have been wagons,the 1st being a '68. I currently own a '53, a '04 Taurus SES, and a '03 FOCUS SE WAGON that my wife and I truely love. I recently gave my daughter my '01 focus ZX3. I live in a town of approx, 5,ooo people and the are 6 FOCUS WAGON'S in town that I know of. PLEASE BRING BACK THE FOCUS WAGON, I need one for my "bucket list", thanks and keep up the good work. Sincerely Jan Crenshaw
  1. leon s :
    Build it and I will come. My '03 Crown Vic needs a stable buddy, and my wife's '99 Dakota is closing in on trade-in time. A small wagon is the way we are going to go, so Subaru might get the nod if the Focus isn't here.

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