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2010 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Diesel is probably one of the most  energy efficient vehicles ever produced. The car can comfortably seat five people who is almost unheard of with a vehicle this energy
efficient. The car comes in a BlueMotion model which is VW's extremely  efficient diesel engine. What is exciting about this model of the Polo is the perks it offers in comparison to other compact cars designed in  the same model year. Many of its competitors not only lack style but  comfort and horsepower.For these reasons, the 2010 Volkswagen Polo  BlueMotion Diesel was a popular car when it was produced.

Therefore, one can find many used models in excellent condition especially online,  simply search for - second hand Volkswagen Polo, and refine your search  with the words - Bluemotion Diesel.

What's special about the Polo BlueMotion is that it is run with a 1.2  litre three cylinder turbo diesel. In

order to increase fuel economy,  the car comes with a start and stop system. This turns the engine off
when the car is at rest. Then the car restarts itself when it is time  for it to move. When the Polo BlueMotion is idling, the car  automatically lowers the speed at which the car revs. Another unique
feature is the ability of the brakes to regain wasted energy when the  car is either coasting or decelerating. The weight of the 2010  Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Diesel is rather light. The Polo weighs in at
just over two tons. In comparison to many comparable models, this is  light. By having a lighter car, this also helps with fuel consumption.

There aren't too many cars that can really compare to the fantastic fuel  mileage of the 2010 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Diesel. With 71 miles per  gallon only a few other makes and models come close but never surpass.  With today's economy and higher fuel prices, the 2010 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Diesel would make an excellent used car choice for those  wanting to spend a little less at the pump."

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