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Pricing for the 2010 Ford Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy models has just been announced.

The 2010 Ford Mondeo price starts at 18,445 GBP, which is 2.391 GBP less the the outgoing variant.

The 2010 Ford S-MAX has been priced at 20,645 GBP, meaning 2,022 GBP cheaper than the model it replaces.

As for the 2010 Ford Galaxy, pricing starts at 22,945 GBP, and this means a reduction of 3,410 GBP when compared to the previous version.  

The 2010 Ford Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy are already available at dealerships across UK and various seasonal discounts may also apply.

Ford press release :

Brentwood, Essex, March 26, 2010 – With the UKintroduction of its new range of large cars – Ford S-MAX, Galaxy andMondeo – Ford is reducing official recommended list prices by makingcurrent seasonal promotions permanent.

Combined with the lower CO2 ratings of Ford's new largecar range, the lower recommended list prices will also lower P11D taxratings, increasing the appeal of Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy for companycar drivers.

Seasonal promotions featuring discounts of up to 15 per cent hadbeen introduced across the Ford UK dealer network in order to maximisetrade in the

critical sales month of March when customers mass toacquire the latest "10" number plates. Launched in early February andadvertised in the media and on the Ford website, the promotionsimmediately resulted in strong sales.  They were due to expire later inthe spring.

Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, said: "Ford'straditional high recommended list price, high discount approach wascausing some confusion and incurred a disadvantage for company cardrivers.

"That formula served us well in the past," he added, "but today'sweb-savvy consumer is better equipped to shop around and we have tomake it absolutely clear that our own dealers are the best place tostart for the keenest deals."

At the same time as reducing the recommended list price Ford will bereducing dealer discounts.  This initiative is called "Blue Tagpricing".

Due for imminent launch in the UK, and with a range of design,craftsmanship, technical and comfort innovations, the new Ford S-MAXand Galaxy will therefore debut with Blue Tag pricing.  The FordMondeo, with new low-CO2 direct-injection petrol and dieselengines and Powershift transmission, follows immediately.  Ford'sdeclared ambition is to continue to extend Blue Tag pricing principlesto all future models.

P11D-related tax operates by linking CO2 performance withthe recommended list price of cars, rather than the transaction price.Over 70 per cent of customers in the large car segments pay P11D tax,so this was an additional stimulus for Ford.

The recommended list price of a Ford Mondeo Zetec will be £18,445;the recommended list price for a Ford S-MAX Zetec will be £20,645,while the recommended list price of a Ford Galaxy Zetec will be£22,945.  This compares with recommended list prices of £20,836,£22,677 and £26,355, respectively, for the outgoing models.  The newmodels are available to order now from Ford dealerships.

Ford will continue to provide industry-leading value across theentire Ford car range and a new interim marketing offer, effectiveApril through June, will match the value represented by "Blue Tag"across the remainder of the Ford passenger car range – including thetop-selling Focus, Fiesta and Kuga.

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1 Comment on 2010 Ford Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy Price

  1. john titley :
    its about time theyve sorrted the prices out, they just need to sort the motability prices out as ive been waiting ages to order one but couldnt because no one knew the prices.

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