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Elizabeth Tran - Model

During the last week of August, we decided to do a quick photo shoot here in Hawaii. The area we have chosen was to be the wonderful art block of Kaka’ako. The model I’ve chosen for this project would be none other than Elizabeth Tran. It was a fun experience and she was super easy to work with, glad she took the time to come out during her busy weekend for the SPOCOM car show. More pictures as you scroll down along with a quick Q and A about Ms. Tran:

When did you start modeling?
March 2012

Favorite color?
Mostly any sorts of blue.

Favorite type(s) of food?
Chinese and Italian!

What kind of music do you listen to?
Mainly old school R&B.

Best thing you loved about Hawaii?
Food and people. I can’t pick one!

Hidden Talents?
I could twist my arms 360 Degrees because I’m double jointed.

Future goals?
Conquer the world.

What are your turn ons?

Turn offs?

Dream car?
Porsche 911

Any shoutouts you want to give?
I LOVE EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS AND BELIEVES ME, EVEN FOR A SPLIT SECOND! You the best. Fight for what you know you can do. We all have hidden powers.

Elizabeth Tran

Height: 5′ 5″

Sign: Virgo

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese

Hometown: Alhambra, California

Facebook: facebook.com/elizabethtran626fanpage
Instagram: @elizabethtran626
Twitter: @imelizabethtran
Tumblr: @elizabethtran626

Pictures by: Tyler Guiebhttp://tkgphoto808.wordpress.com/
Video by: Josh Almariojoshalmario.com
Vehicle: 2013 Toyota GT-86 (FR-S)

Elizabeth Tran - Model Photo Gallery

Link to this photo: http://www.carsession.com/auto-shows/elizabeth-tran-model--s8.html
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Elizabeth Tran - Model
Elizabeth Tran - Model
Date: Wednesday, 3 September 2014